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Pershore Garden, May 2007

Pershore Garden, May 2007 The Garden at AGS HQ looking good in May, 2007.  The view from the Director's window.

European Bed, May 2007 The European bed, all weeded and looking good.

Crevice Bed, May 2007 The Crevice Bed, looking well-established now.

Scree, May 2007 The Scree.

Cornus controversa 'Variegata' Cornus controversa 'Variagata' in full flower.

Daphne calcicola 'Gang Ho Ba' Daphne calcicola 'Gang Ho Ba' thriving in the crevice garden.

Eriogonum cespitosum Eriogonum cespitosum in the crevice garden.

Asperula sintenisii Asperula sintenisii on the crevice bed.

Alyssum spinosum 'Roseum' Alyssum spinosum 'Roseum' on the scree.

Phlox nivalis Phlox nivalis on the Cotswold Bed.

Jim McGregor