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Crocus pallasii haussknechtii

Flowering Time



W Iran; NE Iraq; S Jordan

Native Climate

Cold winter, hot dry summer

Wild Habitat

Dry or rocky places or in thin scrub

Distinctive Features

Flower shades of lilac, often veined darker. Corm tunic finely netted fibres with long fibrous neck

Closest Relatives

Crocus pallasii pallasii;

Crocus pallasii dispathaceus;

Crocus pallasii turcicus

Cultivation Requirements

Protection advised away from native region. Long warm dry summer rest required


Rarely available in specialist seed lists

In some forms the flowers have good shape and substance, with overlapping petals.   This is not typical of Crocus pallasii as a whole, which often has narrow petalled flowers of no horticultural merit.   Unfortunately this is not the easiest form to cultivate, requiring plenty of sun during the winter months and a long, hot, dry rest to ensure strong, flowering stock.

Crocus pallasii haussknechtii

Crocus pallasii haussknechtii

Crocus pallasii haussknechtii