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Crocus niveus

Flowering Time



S Greece

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Scrub, Olive groves, over limestone

Distinctive Features

Large flower, usually white, occasionally pale lilac or bicoloured.   Corm tunic finely netted fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus longiflorus

Cultivation Requirements

Sunny situation, well drained soil. Grown outside in UK gardens without protection


Widely available from specialist bulb suppliers and seed lists

Having some of the largest flowers in the genus (up to 12cm across) this species is of considerable horticultural merit.   Fortunately it is most amenable in cultivation, increasing in UK gardens when well suited, especially when given a little protection, i.e. cold glass.   The flowers have very long tubes, so are quite tall (up to 18cm), but the tube is stout and the flowers are not easily spoilt by autumn rain.

A variable species, a number of different forms are in cultivation, with pure white, lilac and bicoloured flowers of varying size.   The photographs below give an impression of this variation.

Crocus niveus

Crocus niveus

Crocus niveus

Crocus niveus

Crocus niveus