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Crocus nevadensis

Flowering Time

Early Spring


N Africa; NE, E, & SE Spain

Native Climate

Cool moist winter, warm dryish summer

Wild Habitat

Mountain meadows and stony places

Distinctive Features

Flower white, cream or pale lilac with violet veins. Corm tunic fibres, mostly parallel

Closest Relatives

Crocus carpetanus

Cultivation Requirements

Well ventilated winter protection advised. Botrytis on dying flowers can enter the whole plant with fatal results.   Dryish summer rest.  


Rarely available from specialist bulb suppliers

Related to Crocus carpetanus which is unusual in that the back of the leaves is rounded.   Crocuses usually have an flattish keel on the underside of the leaves.   Crocus nevadensis is intermediate between Crocus carpetanus and the norm in that it has a keel but the keel is rounded.

Sometimes described as having little ornamental value, some forms are quite attractively marked, however the trials of cultivation make this a plant for specialist growers.   This plant is, like many other species, variable.  

Crocus nevadensis

Crocus nevadensis

Crocus nevadensis

Another form in bud and in open flower:

Crocus nevadensis

Crocus nevadensis