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Crocus kotschyanus suworowianus

Flowering Time



Central N & NE Turkey; adjacent parts of former Soviet Union

Native Climate

Cold winter, cool dryish summer

Wild Habitat

Short turf, open stony places above 2100m

Distinctive Features

White flower sometimes with violet veins. Corm tunic membranous, corm on its side in the soil

Closest Relatives

Crocus kotschyanus kotschyanus;

Crocus kotschyanus hakkariensis;

Crocus kotschyanus cappadocicus;

Cultivation Requirements

Cool conditions required.   Cool dryish summer rest


Occasionally in specialist/society seed lists

In appearance very similar to Crocus vallicola but the flowers lack the wispy tips to the petals that are a distinctive feature of Crocus vallicola.   The orientation of the corm, on its side, is a feature that is common to this subspecies, Crocus kotschyanus cappadocicus and Crocus kotschyanus hakkariensis.   There is a picture to illustrate this on the Crocus kotschyanus cappadocicus page.

Crocus kotschyanus suworowianus

Crocus kotschyanus suworowianus

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