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Crocus kotschyanus kotschyanus

Flowering Time



C & S Turkey; NW Syria; Lebanon

Native Climate

Cold winter.   Cool montane summer

Wild Habitat

Mountain meadows. Open places and thin scrub

Distinctive Features

Lilac flower with deep yellow blotches at the base of each petal.   Corm tunic thin, membranous

Closest Relatives

Crocus kotschyanus cappadocicus;

Crocus kotschyanus hakkariensis;

Crocus kotschyanus suworowianus;

Cultivation Requirements

Does not need complete drying in summer. (Grown outside in UK gardens)


Widely available from specialist bulb suppliers

Variable in depth of flower colour and size of flower, this is not a difficult plant in cultivation.   Given optimum conditions it can increase quickly by the production of 'rice grain' cormlets.   (See illustration below.)    It is also readily raised form seed, which is readily produced in cultivation.

Crocus kotschyanus kotschyanus

Crocus kotschyanus kotschyanus

Crocus kotschyanus kotschyanus