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Crocus imperati suaveloens

Flowering Time

Winter and Early Spring


W Italy (Rome south to Terracina)

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Short turf and thin woodland

Distinctive Features

Lilac flowers with outside of outer petals buff. Corm tunic parallel fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus versicolor

Cultivation Requirements

Well drained soil in sun.   (Grown without protection in UK gardens given these conditions)


Some specialist bulb and seed suppliers

Differentiated from subspecies imperati by the absence of a bracteole.   This subspecies usually has less well marked outer petals and can have a very sweet scent.

Crocus imperati suaveloens

Crocus imperati suaveloens

Crocus imperati suaveloens This shows the above form open.

Crocus imperati suaveloens