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Crocus hermoneus hermoneus

Flowering Time

Late Autumn


Mt Hermon; C Israel; W Jordan

Native Climate

Harsh dry continental.   Winter rains, summer 6 months drought

Wild Habitat

Rocky places and in scrub, over limestone

Distinctive Features

Pale lilac flowers, orange style divided into 6+ branches.   Corm tunic mostly fibrous, parallel or weakly netted

Closest Relatives

Crocus cancellatus cancellatus

Cultivation Requirements

Winter protection, summer long, warm, dry rest. Supplementary lighting in winter may be beneficial when grown in higher latitudes


Rarely available.   Sometimes in specialist seed lists

Recently plants have been observed in the region of distribution, which show a range of intermediate corm tunics between that of Crocus hermoneus and Crocus cancellatus cancellatus.   The flowers are indistinguishable from each other.   Some revision of the taxonomy of these plants may be made in the future.

Crocus hermoneus hermoneus

Crocus hermoneus hermoneus

Crocus hermoneus hermoneus

Crocus hermoneus hermoneus