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Crocus graveolens

Flowering Time

Early Sprnig


SW Turkey; NW Syria; Lebanon; N Israel

Native Climate

Mediterranean with montane influences. Cold winter with snow

Wild Habitat

In rocky places or scrub/woodland clearings often over limestone

Distinctive Features

Smallish narrow petalled yellow flowers variously marked with brown/purple.   Corm tunic membranous when young, splitting lengthways with age.   Unpleasantly scented!

Closest Relatives

Crocus vitellinus

Cultivation Requirements

Best given winter protection due to small flowers produced early.   Dryish summer rest


?Specialist bulb suppliers

Despite the interest of variable external markings this species has little horticultural merit.   In UK gardens the small starry flowers are usually produced in winter and quickly become ungainly as the tube elongates.

Crocus graveolens

Crocus graveolens

Crocus graveolens