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Crocus gilanicus

Flowering Time



W Iran

Native Climate

Continental montane.   Cold winter, cool summer

Wild Habitat

Forests and pastures

Distinctive Features

White flowers with light purple veins, before leaves. Thin membranous corm tunic

Closest Relatives

Similar in appearance (but unrelated) to Crocus kotschyanus suworowianus

Cultivation Requirements

Moisture retentive soil, avoid complete drying out in summer


?Specialist seed lists

Most (?all) plants in cultivation originate from collections made by Wendelbo and Shirdelpur in the early 1970's.   Cultivated plants do set seed which is readily raised to flowering size given the basic requirements outlined above.   However the flowers are small and the species is best give some protection so this is unlikely to become a successful garden plant.   It does have a quiet charm but will remain a collectors plant.

Crocus gilanicus

Crocus gilanicus

Crocus gilanicus