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Crocus dalmaticus

Flowering Time



Croatia; Bosnia; Albania

Native Climate

Cool Mediterranean

Wild Habitat

Grassy places and scrub, over limestone

Distinctive Features

Flower shades of lilac, often with variously marked yellowish outer petals.   Papery corm tunic

Closest Relatives

Crocus reticulatus;   Crocus sieberi

Cultivation Requirements

Cool moist winter, warm drier summer. (Does not want excessive drying in summer.   Commercial form is grown outside in some UK gardens)


Horticultural clone widely available from bulb suppliers.   'Wild' forms in specialist and seed lists

Crocus dalmaticus

Crocus dalmaticus

Crocus dalmaticus - horticultural trade fm

Crocus dalmaticus

Crocus dalmaticus - a distinctive wild form

Crocus dalmaticus

Reticulated (netted) fibrous corm tunic.