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Crocus caspius

Flowering Time



Iran (Mountain foothills around Caspian sea)

Native Climate

Cold, moist winters.   Drier but not arid in summer

Wild Habitat

Scrub and woodland

Distinctive Features

White flower often stippled lilac on outer petals. Membranous corm tunic splits at base

Closest Relatives

No close relatives - a distinct species

Cultivation Requirements

Avoid excessive dryness in summer.


Occasionally in society and specialist seed lists

Quite distinct amongst the autumn flowering crocuses and one of the most beautiful.   Not difficult in cultivation in the UK and regularly sets seed.   Curiously the capsules ripen at or just below ground level, in most other species the stem elongates to lift the capsule well above ground.

Crocus caspius

Crocus caspius

Crocus caspius