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Crocus cancellatus damascenus

Flowering Time



Central Turkey east to parts of Iran and Iraq and south through Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan

Native Climate

Dry Mediterranean (Likely long, hot summer)

Wild Habitat

Dry, stony places, thin scrub

Distinctive Features

Very coarsely netted tunic.   Bracteole not usually visible above cataphyll

Closest Relatives

Crocus cancellatus cancellatus;

Crocus cancellatus mazziaricus;

Crocus cancellatus lycius;  

Crocus cancellatus pamphyllicus

Cultivation Requirements

Dry, warm summer rest essential.   Winter protection advised away from native regions


Sometimes offered in specialist seed lists

With its variable flower colour (almost white to mid lilac, sometimes feathered on outers) this can be difficult to tell apart from subspecies cancellatus and subspecies mazziaricus.   Comparison of the corm tunics is helpful along with the observation (or not) of the bracteole.   The corm tunic of this subspecies has a more open netting than the other subspecies.    (See picture below.)

Crocus cancellatus damascenus

Crocus cancellatus damascenus

Crocus cancellatus damascenus