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Crocus cancellatus cancellatus

Flowering Time



S Turkey; Lebanon; N Israel; ?Jordan

Native Climate

Cold winter, warm dry summer

Wild Habitat

Stony places, thin pinewoods, over limestone

Distinctive Features

Finely netted corm tunic, Much divided style which exceeds the anthers

Closest Relatives

Crocus cancellatus mazziaricus;  

Crocus cancellatus damascenus;  

Crocus cancellatus lycius;  

Crocus cancellatus pamphyllicus

Cultivation Requirements

Warm dry summer rest


Specialist bulb suppliers

The different subspecies of Crocus cancellatus can be difficult to tell apart.   The ability to discern a bract (and bracteole) can be necessary.   Follow the link to Crocus cancellatus mazziaricus to learn more.

This is probably the easiest subspecies of Crocus cancellatus to cultivate in gardens although 'garden' should be taken to include 'with protection' in some situations.   Where a warm, dryish summer rest can be guaranteed this plant can be grown in a well drained spot in the open.   A plant sometimes seen in commerce as Crocus cancellatus var cilicicus is this subspecies.

Crocus cancellatus cancellatus

Crocus cancellatus cancellatus