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Crocus boryi

Flowering Time



W and S Greece; Crete

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Dry, stony or sandy places, grass/scrub

Distinctive Features

Large creamy white flower, prominent many branched orange style.   Papery corm tunic

Closest Relatives

Crocus tournefortii; Crocus laevigatus

Cultivation Requirements

Winter protection, dry warm summer rest


Widely available from specialist bulb suppliers

Crocus boryi, Crocus tournefortii and Crocus laevigatus form a group of three fairly distinctive species.   All have showy style branches and white anthers however they are not usually too difficult to tell apart.   Crocus laevigatus commonly has smaller flowers with purple stripes and a tough eggshell like corm tunic.   Crocus tournefortii is typically lilac flowered and the flowers remain open at night, a feature which is shared only by Crocus cartwrightianus.

Crocus boryi

Crocus boryi

Crocus boryi