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Crocus aerius

Flowering Time



Northern Turkey

Native Climate

Cold snowy winter, short alpine summer

Wild Habitat

Alpine meadows

Distinctive Features

Parallel fibrous corm tunic.   Veined flowers

Closest Relatives

Crocus biflorus pulchricolor; Crocus biflorus tauri

Cultivation Requirements

? pot.   Not likely to need sunbaked summer rest


Little known in cultivation.

Illustrated below is Crocus biflorus pulchricolor

Crocus aerius

Crocus aerius is a member of the biflorus group.   Most of theplants seen in cultivation are in fact Crocus biflorus ssp pulchricolor.   The seed raised plant above is no exception!  (Nice plant nonetheless!)  

The picture below is Crocus aerius as raised from seed received from Gothenburg BG by Jim Almond.   This represents a more accurate image of Crocus aerius.   Examination of the corm tunic will hopefully confirm the identity. (Looking forward to the tunic photo Jim!)

Crocus aerius

Photograph ©Jim Almond