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Crocus biflorus weldenii

Flowering Time



NE Italy; W Croatia; W Bosnia; W Serbia; N Albania

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Grassland, stony places, thin woodland

Distinctive Features

White flowers no yellow in throat, sometimes with some lilac/violet staining on outer petals

Closest Relatives

Crocus biflorus alexandrii

Cultivation Requirements

Well drained soil, sunny position. (UK Garden)


Cultivar 'Fairy' widely available from bulb suppliers

The cultivar Fairy illustrated below is not typical of this subspecies.   Plants with a suffusion of colour over the entire outer petals are rare in wild populations.   This is a good example of the unusual form attracting the attention of horticulturalists.   Perhaps unusually, in this case the unusual form has proved amenable both to cultivation and horticultural increase.

Crocus biflorus weldenii