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Crocus biflorus pulchricolor

Flowering Time

Spring   (can be as late as July in the wild)


N W Turkey

Native Climate

Cold winters with snow cover.   Short mountain summer

Wild Habitat

Damp alpine turf.   Flowers soon after snow melts

Distinctive Features

Flowers deep violet/blue, unstriped. Membranous corm tunic

Closest Relatives

Often masquerades as Crocus aerius in cultivation

Cultivation Requirements

Plenty of moisture in spring growth. Cool dry summer rest


Specialist bulb suppliers

A very attractive plant which has its fairly limited distribution in an alpine/subalpine habitat.   This incurs considerably higher rainfall than most other subspecies of Crocus biflorus which mostly occupy drier lower areas with Mediterranean type climate.

Crocus biflorus pulchricolor

Crocus biflorus pulchricolor

Crocus biflorus seed - actual size of seeds c2mm long