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Crocus tournefortii

Flowering Time



S Greece; N Crete

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Dryish, often stony places or scrub

Distinctive Features

Flower pale - dark lilac, remaining open at night and in dull weather.   Many branched style.   Corm tunic finely fibrous

Closest Relatives

Crocus boryi

Crocus laevigatus

Cultivation Requirements

Warm dryish summer rest preferred. Some forms grown outside in UK gardens without protection.


Specialist bulb suppliers

A very beautiful species, with quite large flowers and a spectacular many branched style.   I have grown this species outside for many years in a well drained, sunny spot.   It increases very quickly when grown in pots under glass.   Although the flowers are easily damaged by inclement weather, each corm produces several in succession so as one passes in a storm, another takes its place on the next warm day.

Crocus boryi, which can appear very similar usually has white flowers which close up at night and in dull weather.

Crocus tournefortii

Crocus tournefortii

Crocus tournefortii