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Crocus speciosus xantholaimos

Flowering Time



N Turkey

Native Climate

Cold winter with snow.   Warm drier summer

Wild Habitat

Woodland clearings

Distinctive Features

Flower lilac with darker veins, throat of flower yellow.   Corm tunic membranous splitting into basal rings

Closest Relatives

Crocus speciosus ilgazensis

Crocus speciosus xantholaimos

Crocus pulchellus

Cultivation Requirements

Tolerant of garden conditions given some sun and avoiding waterlogging


Specialist bulb suppliers/seed lists

Often smaller but otherwise very similar to Crocus speciosus speciosus, excepting its yellow throated flower.   Hybridises in cultivation with Crocus pulchellus, a range of intermediates being produced.

Crocus speciosus xantholaimos

Crocus speciosus xantholaimos

Coriaceous (eggshell like) corm tunics with basal rings.