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Crocus speciosus speciosus

Flowering Time



Crimea; Caucasus; N Iran; C & N Turkey

Native Climate

Cold winter, warm summer but with regular rainfall

Wild Habitat

Woodland, pastures, short mountain turf

Distinctive Features

Flower lilac blue, veined darker, many branched style.

Corm tunic coriaceous splitting into rings at base

Closest Relatives

Crocus speciosus ilgazensis

Crocus speciosus xantholaimos

Crocus pulchellus

Cultivation Requirements

Tolerant of garden conditions given some sun and avoiding waterlogging


Widely available from specialists and garden retail outlets

Easy and cheap (in the UK at least) but prone to flopping over and easily damaged by bad weather.   This shortcoming can be overcome to some extent by planting in grass, although late summer grass cutting must be done with caution!   Increases by producing many small cormlets.

Crocus speciosus speciosus

Horticultural Trade Crocus speciosus

Crocus speciosus speciosus

Crocus speciosus grown from wild collected seed

Crocus speciosus speciosus

Corms showing smooth tunic with basal rings