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Crocus sieberi nivalis

Flowering Time



Greece (S Peloponnese)

Native Climate

Montane Mediterranean (Winter snow cover)

Wild Habitat

Short mountain turf

Distinctive Features

Flower lilac blue.   Corm tunic finely netted fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus sieberi atticus

Crocus sieberi sublimis

Crocus sieberi sieberi

Cultivation Requirements

Tolerant of summer moisture in well drained soil


Specialist bulb suppliers

Distinguished from subspecies atticus and sublimis by the absence of hairs in the throat of the flower and by its fine fibrous netted tunic.   Along with subspecies sublimis it is a plant of high mountains, often flowering near melting snow.   Subspecies atticus and sieberi are plants of lower altitudes.

Crocus sieberi nivalis