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Crocus scardicus

Flowering Time



Macedonia; E Albania

Native Climate

Cold winter with snow cover, short moist summer

Wild Habitat

Short alpine turf, flowering near melting snow

Distinctive Features

Flower yellow/orange in upper two thirds, purple in lower third and tube.   Corm tunic finely netted fibres.   Leaf with no white stripe on upper surface

Closest Relatives

Crocus pelistericus

Cultivation Requirements

Cold winter preferred, cool moist conditions in summer.


Sometimes available from specialist bulb suppliers

As with Crocus pelistericus this species occupies a high, alpine habitat where summer is short, damp and cool, while winter may involve as much as six months snow cover.   The cultivation of these species is therefore a challenge in areas which suit many other Crocus species which enjoy a warm dry summer rest.   Crocus scardicus is grown outside successfully in some parts of Scotland where the summers is cooler and shorter than the southern UK.

A hybrid with Crocus pelistericus has been produced in cultivation at Gothenburg Botanic Gardens.