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Crocus reticulatus hittiticus

Flowering Time



S Turkey

Native Climate

Mediterranean with montane influence

Wild Habitat

Scrub over limestone and woodland clearings

Distinctive Features

Flower white or lilac, outer petals speckled greyish. Anthers almost black. Corm tunic coarsely netted fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus reticulatus reticulatus

Cultivation Requirements

Cool moist growing season.   Dryish rest in summer


Rarely available from specialist bulb suppliers

Two different forms are illustrated below, both having the distinctive black anthers of this subspecies.

Crocus reticulatus hittiticus

Crocus reticulatus hittiticus

Crocus reticulatus hittiticus

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Crocus reticulatus hittiticus

Strongly reticulate (netted) corm tunics which give this species its name.