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Wildflower Wonders of the World


Bob Gibbons

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Wildflower Wonders of the World

This is a first-time paperback edition of this popular title. From the Mojave Desert in the USA to the Italian Dolomites, and from South Africa's Cape National Park to the Stirling Ranges of Australia, Wildflower: Wonders of the World showcases the most spectacular displays of wild blooms on the planet. Each site account begins with a locator map and info panel detailing timing, key species, etc. This is followed by an informative and readable account by the expert author (who has personally visited nearly all of the sites covered) accompanied by a handful of stunning images of each location showing the displays of flowers. In addition there are chapters on the animal life that can be found at these sites, and on the conservation status of the locations covered in Wildflower: Wonders of the World. Many people travel widely in search of spectacular displays of flowers, but are guided only by word-of-mouth information, or by what organised tours are available. This book sets out to rectify this gap. However, it aims to be much more: the most 'flowery' places in the world are exceptionally spectacular at their best, and Wildflower: Wonders of the World will provide a visual feast for armchair naturalists as well as more active travellers.

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