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Ground Covers (Timber Press Pocket Guide)


David S Mackenzie

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Pocket Guide to Ground Cover

Weary of plain green turf grasses, boring brown wood chips, and high-maintenance yards, creative gardeners and homeowners are turning to colorful, reliable ground covers. Through their versatility and ease of maintenance, these plants substantially increase our enjoyment of the landscape while simultaneously smothering weeds. Ground covers unify unrelated elements, soften sharp angles, create mood, alter our perceptions of space, control erosion, reduce glare, and attract wildlife. Used in public and private spaces, they also function as foundation facers, hedges, accents, or filler between patio stones. More than 1000 readily available ground covers are profiled in this guide, accompanied by 320 photos. This authoritative yet reader-friendly account of gardenworthy ground covers for temperate climates is a valuable complement to MacKenzie's encyclopedic "Perennial Ground Covers" and a handy reference to take to the nursery or garden center.

Paperback, 204pp.

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