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Portraits of Alpine Plants


Robert Rolfe

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Portraits of Alpine Plants

Some alpine plants are widely distributed and occur continent-wide, wherever suitable habitats exist. Many more are restricted to a particular range of mountains, while a few persist only in a single locality - a remote gorge, perhaps, or an isolated peak. Their habit of growth varies greatly, from mats to mounds, from cushion plants to corms and bulbs, but they are archetypically dwarf, with condensed, sometimes tiny leaves that can be rendered temporarily invisible beneath the mass of flowers.

This sumptuous new book aims to illustrate this rich diversity, and contains plants from mountain ranges around the world. Despite the great disparity between the average lowland garden and the screes, alpine meadows, soaring cliff faces and moraines where these plants originate, a large number will settle down very well indeed in a raised bed or trough. Others thrive in a well-ventilated, unheated greenhouse (known as an alpine house), whereas a few have never been successfully grown for long, and are best enjoyed in their lofty homelands, or as photographs in books such as this.


About the Author

Robert Rolfe, one of the world's leading authorities on alpine plants who has travelled widely to see them in their native homes, grown many of them to perfection in his garden, photographed them with great skill, and written extensively and most knowledgably about them, has chosen some of his favourites for our delectation, treating us in the process to a visual, botanical and horticultural feast.  

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