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Flowers of Greece (set of 2 books with DVD)


T Lafranchis & G Sfikas

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Flowers of Greece (set of 2 books with DVD)

The aim of the two book set is to provide good coverage of the Greek Flora to aid naturalists, botanists and gardeners to identify plants they see in Greece. The most attractive groups of plants are presented in depth such as Dianthus, Viola and Campanula while other groups of plants such as Polygonaceae, Chenopodiaceae and Aramanthaceae are covered in slightly less depth. There is information on habitat and location as well as the flowering period. The inclusion of a DVD enables access to more than 13,000 photos and lists of plants found in Greece. Every other page has a range of small photos of the plant descriptions. Text in English.

The format of the book makes it particularly useful as a field guide.

  878 pages, 3500 col photos

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