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Autumn Bulbs


Rod Leeds

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Autumn Bulbs


The first book devoted to the subject, Autumn Bulbs covers over 30 genera and hundreds of species and cultivars in depth. Unlike spring-flowering bulbs, which need to settle in over the winter before blooming, autumn bulbs are planted in late summer to early autumn and flower later the same season. New and well-established autumn bulbs are featured, and the genera covered include: Aconite, Allium, Amaryllis, Anenome, Arum, Biarum, Codonopsis, Colchicum, Crinum, Crocus, Cyclamen, Cypella, Eucomis, Galanthus, Gladiolus, Habranthus, Hippeastrum, Leucojum, Lilium, Merendera, Muscari, Narcissus, Nerine, Oxalis, Pinellia, Rhodophiala, Scilla, Schizostylis, Sternbergia, Tigridea, Tropaeolum, Zephyranthes. The range ensures that the reader makes the most of their garden in the later months of the year. Fully illustrated with colour photography, the book covers: Cultivation: for the garden, for pots and frames. It includes details on siting and using microclimates within the garden in order to extend what can be grown successfully in our changing climate; Propagation techniques; Plant associations to add freshness to the dying days of summer; History of plant introductions - the gardeners, nurseries and plant hunters.

Hardback, 160 pp.

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