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"Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges' (ed. Kenneth Cox)

 Frank Kingdom-Ward, like Reginald Farrer, was one of those remarkable people who went out to explore the world of plants and make of it what he thought. His little book 'Common Sense Rock Gardening', published in 1947, is a delight to read and tells you all of the things you have done wrong, so that you know you are not alone!


However, Kingdom-Ward is really known for his wonderful writing on exploring and collecting plants and for putting them into context with the landscape they inhabit. One of his classic books was 'Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges' and this has been beautifully re-presented by Kenneth Cox and his colleagues Kenneth Storm and Ian Baker in the edition published by the Antique Collectors Club. This retraces Kingdom-Ward's journey of 1924-25 in South-East Tibet. His original narrative and photographs are supplemented by modern illustrations from the authors, making for a fascinating resonance between then and now, and a fine tribute to a great plantsman and writer.

Tim Ingram

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