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High and Dry by Robert Nold

Review by Tim Ingram:

'High and Dry' by Robert Nold is one of those unique books that delves deep into the experience of the author, in this case gardening with dryland plants in the Western Interior of the US. I have always been fascinated by alpines and other plants from such places and the great strength of this book is learning how to garden with the plants that suit your garden. The climate of Denver is extreme by British standards, but provides the opportunity to grow an amazing variety of plants from similar situations. For me the book provides great stimulation to see if these may adapt to the lesser extremes of our gardens in drier parts of the UK.


Probably one of the book's strongest appeals is the fact that so many of the plants discussed are unfamiliar and chapters range widely over plants of all sorts, including trees and shrubs, which gives it a very satisfying completeness. The plants are well illustrated and supplemented by occasional fine paintings. It lies within a tradition of writing in America which links the practical experience of gardening with searching out and discovering plants and is highly recommended.

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