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Crocuses by Janis Ruksans

Review by Robert Amos:

Some of my favourite plants are crocuses, especially those that can be seen at the South Wales Show in mid-February. So a book dedicated to these fantastic bulbs has become one of my two new bibles (the second discussed below). The information is set out in a user-friendly way, but has managed to avoid being too textbook-ish. The photos are also fantastic and were extremely useful when I had to return about two dozen labels to their respective plants after a pidgeon had got inside the coldframe!!!


My second bible (although not strictly about alpines) is 'Wicked Plants: The A-Z of Plants that Main, Intoxicate and Otherwise Offend' by Amy Stewart. I'm not sure if it is still stocked by the AGS; I can't recall seeing a copy since I bought one last year. As well as information and pictures about the bad guys of the plant world there are also true stories of the plants' unwitting victims.

Robert Amos
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