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The Meconopsis Trial - Introduction

Evelyn Stevens The Meconopsis trial was planted in 2009 and started in 2010.  The trial is being run primarily at Harlow Carr Gardens near Harrogate as the climate there is more conducive to growing Meconopsis that that at Wisley.  A few of the trial entries have also been planted at Wisley in the Woodland area to see how they do in this drier part of the country.  Evelyn Stevens also has a set of trial plants growing in her own garden in Scotland which has a microclimate that provides a perfect environment for growing Meconopsis.  The cultivars included in the trial are listed here.  The picture here shows Evelyn in her own trial area.

You can contribute to the Meconopsis Trial by letting us know about your experience growing the individual entries on the list.  Tell us if you grow any of the trial plants and upload your pictues.

We hope that your experience can be taken into account in awarding AGMs to the trial plants.

MeconopsisTrial Entries

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[ About trials and the AGM (Award of Garden Merit) ]

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