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Saxifraga 'Teneriffe'

Saxifraga 'Teneriffe' My name is Saxifraga ’Tenerife’.  I was bred in the Czech Republic by Mr Bugel and Mr Maixner between 1995 and 1999. My parents were S. poluniniana x S. wendelboi and I was named after one of the Canary Islands.  After growing on and being propagated I was offered for sale.

In May 2002 a party of AGS members came round looking at our garden and alpine houses and I was purchased by a Saxifraga  Collector from Lyminge in Kent, once there I was repotted into a 7cm terracotta pot in his Saxifraga mix of 3 parts J I No2 ( Tunstall brand ) 1 part Cambark fine, 1 part Perlite, 4 parts of course grit, and then plunged in damp coarse sand in the  main alpine house. Also there were my cousins S. ’Allendale Charm’ bred by Ray Fairbairn and S. ’Mary Golds’ bred by Tim Golds they have the same parents as myself and we are called the Swing Group.

Saxifraga 'Teneriffe' Every May I’m repotted and by 2006 my home was a 32cm half pot and after a long cold winter I flowered extremely well with beautiful white flowers and bright yellow stamens.  I looked so good I was taken to the Loughborough AGS Show where we won the Saxifraga Salver for my owner.  The next week with my flowers out even more I was taken to the Kent AGS Show at Rainham and I was judged the best plant in the show and awarded the Farrer Medal.  My owner was well pleased.  I’m now in a 36cm half pot and hoping for another cold winter.

David Hoare