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Origanum 'Barbara Tingey'

Origanum 'Barbara Tingey' The Origanums provide valuable and lasting colour on the rock garden throughout the summer months.  They enjoy full sun and a gritty well-drained soil.  The picture on the right shows Origanum 'Barbara Tingey' thriving in the Crevice Garden at the AGS Centre.

This plant occurred originally as a chance hybrid between Origanum tournefortii  and O. rotundifolium.  It is easy to grow with a very long flowering season at a time when colour in the Alpine Garden is at a premium.

New plants can be easily propagated from cuttings taken from new growth in the Spring.

Other good hybrid Origanums for the rock garden are the well-known O. 'Kent Beauty' and the less widely available O. 'Birch Farm'.

Jim McGregor