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Narcissus triandrus ssp. triandrus

Narcissus Triandrus subsp. Triandrus Found in Spain and Portugal, this beautiful narcissus is commonly known as the Ďangels tears narcissusí because of itís drooping flowers held in umbels of up to 4 per stem Ė each one with a cup shaped corona and reflexed petals.

The flowers begin almost a bi-coloured cream and pale yellow but turn a uniform cream as they mature. I find some shade is needed as the petals are easily sun bleached and become translucent in harsh light. The species has long, dark green cylindrical leaves which can soon show yellow tips if overwatered.†

After a dry summer rest repotting starts in early September into a mix of 3 parts John Innes No.3, 2 parts grit and 1 part humus. The plunged pots are kept just moist until growth appears later in the new year. Narcissus Triandrus subsp. Triandrus flowers later than most from late April and extends the season into early May.

The bulbs are slow to build up so regular seed sowing is advisable.

Cultivars include: 'Thalia', 'April Tears' and 'Silver Chimes'.

Clare Oates