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Narcissus jonquilla minor

Narcissus Jonquilla Minor Found in Spain this is a very handsome bulb. 20cm tall stems bearing up to 5 butter-yellow, strongly scented flowers are freely produced during early to mid April and last for 3 weeks in cool conditions.

Potting into a mix of 3 parts John Innes No.3, 2 parts grit and 1 part humus in late August enables the leaves to show in late autumn the first narcissus to appear with me. Plunged in an outdoor covered frame, open on all sides keeps the long, channelled foliage in good condition throughout the winter until the stiff flower stalks show. Careful watering is needed while in growth as the bulbs can easily rot if allowed to become too wet. For the best results it appreciates a long dry summer rest.

The bulbs steadily increase and this narcissus is also a prolific seed setter.

Clare Oates