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Narcissus 'Camoro' -plant of the month January 2016

Narcissus 'Camoro' Narcissus 'Camoro' was selected as the most vigorous seedling from a cross made back in 1975 by Margaret and Henry Taylor. They chose Narcissus cantabricus ssp monophyllus ( the CA and MO of the name) as the seed parent and Narcissus romieuxii (the RO) as the pollen parent. Flowering from as early as November under glass - I usually have a pot in flower for Christmas - until February or March in the open garden.

Looking to all intents and purposes like Narcissus cantabricus ssp monophyllus, with its anthers completely included in the pale creamy-white corona of the flower - those of Narcissus romieuxii are exerted  - the clue to its hybrid identity is in its floriferousness, uncommon in the maternal progenitor it most resembles. If only it had  inherited the 'monophyllus' aspect as well (the leaves can become a little overpowering as the season progresses). Look out for seed as, like many Narcissus hybrids, this selection can produce masses of it.

Ray Drew