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Hyacinthoides aristidis

Hyacinthoides aristidis

A relative of the Bluebell and previously labelled Scilla aristidis. It is a native of Algeria and a plant not often seen at Shows. This is because of its early flowering season, usually in January but can extend into February. It is a dwarf cold-tolerant bulb that is better grown under glass rather than in the open garden. It produces flower spikes on short stems with two glossy green leaves. My personal preference is usually for plants that can survive in the garden, rather than those that require more care in pots. In this case I would make an exception as I think it is worth the extra effort. The flowers are a delicate shade of blue providing a beautiful display at a time of year when few things are in flower.  If you can grow it as well as the exhibitor to whom this plant belongs it is absolutely stunning! I doubt I shall ever emulate his success but I intend to try and obtain a bulb and grow it for my own enjoyment.

Chris McGregor