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Joint Rock Meeting, Harlow, 1/3/08

All awards to be ratified by the RHS

Primula moupinensis subsp. moupinensis
Primula moupinensis subsp. moupinensis Award: PC (Certificate of Preliminary Commendation), CC (Certificate of Cultural Commendation)

Origin: China

Shown by: John Richards

John Richards drew the committee's attention to the fact that plants under the name P. moupinensis had been awarded a BC in 1998 and a PC in 2001. Prof Richards had investigated these plants and the 1998 award plant was actually P. hoffmanniana and that the 2001 award plant was P. moupinensis subsp. barkamensis.

Dionysia ex 'Emmely'
Dionysia hybrid ex 'Emmely' Award: PC (subject to clone being named)

Raiser: Michael Kammerlander

Shown by: Paul & Gill Ranson

D.'Emmely' has produced several good seedlings, this being one of them, a good white.

Dionysia 'Bolero’
Dionysia hybrid 'Bolero' MK9407/2 (f1 ex bryoides) Award: PC

Shown by: Paul & Gill Ranson

Gagea wilezekii
Gagea wilezekii Award: PC

Shown by: RBG, Kew

Identity needs to be confirmed

Narcissus 'Eira'
Narcissus 'Eira' Award: AM (Award of Merit), CC

Shown by: Bob & Rannveig Wallis