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Joint Rock Meeting, Blackpool, 15 March 2008

Dionysia gaubae
Dionysia gaubae Award: AM (Award of Merit)

Exhibited by: Geoff Rollinson

Colchicum szovitsii, white form
Colchicum szovitsii, white form Award: AM

Exhibited by: Diane Clement

This form needs a clonal name.

Androsace lehmanniana
Androsace lehmanniana Award: PC

Exhibited by: Geoff Rollinson

Fritillaria acmopetala subsp. wendelboi
Fritillaria ?? Award: PC

Exhibited by: Diane Clement.

Committee were sure that this was not F. acmopetala or F. wendelboi. Possibly F. amana or of hybrid origin. Needs to be identified and given a clonal name. The committee would like to see this again.

Dionysia 'Tess'
Dionysia hybrid 'Tess' MK97310/15 Award: PC

Exhibited by: Judith Bramley

Dionysia zschummeli
Dionysia zschummelii Award: BC (Botanical Certificate)

Exhibited by: Judith Bramley

A number of clones of this are being grown, but seed does not appear to have been set. The committee would like to see this again.