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Joint Rock Meeting, AGS Summer Mid-West Show, 2011

All Awards subject to ratification by the RHS

Goodenia heteromera
Goodenia heteromera Award:
  PC (Preliminary Commendation)

Origin: Australia

Shown by: Cecilia Coller

Nototriche aretioides
Nototriche aretioides Award:
  PC (Preliminary Commendation)

Origin: Peru

Shown by: Martin & Anna Sheader

This was shown as 'White Form', but the committee felt the award should be given to the species as a whole as the colour is variable and the plant shown still had a trace of the more usual lilac-blue in the flowers.

Campanula 'Margaret Brine'
Campanula 'Margaret Brine' Award:
  PC (Preliminary Commendation)

Origin: A chance seedling

Shown by: Graham Nicholls

Brunsvigia sp.
Brunsvigia sp. Award:
  BC (Botanical Certificate)

Origin: South Africa

Shown by: Joy Bishop

Pelargonium auritum subsp. carneum
Pelargonium auritum subsp. carneum Award:
  BC (Botanical Certificate)

Origin: South Africa

Shown by: George Elder

Trachelium asperuloides
Trachelium asperuloides Award:
  CC (Cultural Commendation)

Origin: Greece

Shown by: Paul & Gill Ranson

This species received an AM in 1938