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Joint Rock Meeting, AGS Malvern Show, 10 May 2014

Ornithogalum bungei
Ornithogalum bungei ex SLIZE 98-71 Award:
  AM (Award of Merit)

Origin: Iran

Shown by: Robert Rolfe

Androsace bulleyana
Androsace bulleyana Award:
  AM (Award of Merit)

Origin: China

Shown by: Alan & Janet Cook

Allium egorovae
Allium elburzense Award:
  AM (Award of Merit)

Origin: N Iran

Shown by: Ivor Betteridge

The plant was shown as Allium elburzense and some doubt was expressed at the time about the naming of the plant shown. The award was subject to confirmation of the correct name.

In 2013, a detailed review of the genus in Iran was published by Fritsch and Abbasi. Images in this lengthy revision underpin an earlier suggestion that the material exhibited represents A. egorovae instead, a species described in 2000. The P.C. awarded to the same plant on 1st May 2010 also needs altering.


Salvia cyanescens
Salvia cyanescens Award:
  AM (Award of Merit)

Origin: Turkey

Shown by: David Richards

The photograph shows the same plant a year earlier.

Lilium rubellum
  PC (Preliminary Commendation)

Origin: Japan

Shown by: Diane Clement