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Joint Rock Meeting, AGS Kent Show, 22 March 2014

Narcissus obesus 'Lee Martin'
Narcissus obesus 'Lee Martin' Awards:
  FCC (First Class Certificate)
  CC (Cultural Commendation)

Origin: Portugal, W. Spain

Shown by: Lee & Julie Martin

Narcissus obesus 'Lee Martin'

Narcissus alpestris (possibly hybrid)
Narcissus alpestris (possibly hybrid) Award:
  AM (Award of Merit)

Origin: Seed from N. alpestris, Spanish Pyrenees

Shown by: Ian Robertson

Award was subject to clarifying nomenclature and possibly allocating a cultivar name.

Narcissus alpestris (possibly hybrid)

Hyacinthoides reverchonii
Hyacinthoides reverchonii Award:
  PC (Preliminary Commendation)

Origin: Spain

Shown by: Bob & Rannveig Wallis