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4. Seed Suppliers

Assured quality seed suppliers, worldwide production, with many novelties every year. own strains, and cultivars, with easy germinating 'Gold Nugget Seeds' 


Telephone: +49 (5071) 9829-0 
Fax: +49 (5071) 9829-27 

Address; Germany ; Jelitto Staudensamen GmbH, Postfach 1264, D-29685 Schwarmstadt, Germany.

Internet UK:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1480 463570
Fax: +44 (0) 1480 466042

Address; U. K. ; Meadows (Fenton) Ltd, PO Box 78, St Ives, Huntingdon, Cambs   PE27 6ZA

Silverhill Seeds and Books
South African Seed and Book specialist.   We sources and collect over 2000 species of native South African plants from the fynbros, forest,s grasslands and mountains, from Abution to Zaluzianskya and everything inbtween.  We also specialise in and sell botanical literature on the Southern Africa flora - both Antiquarian and current titiles.  Our catalogue is a plantsman's dleight and can be viewed on our website -  


International telephone: +27 21 762 4245

International Fax: +27 21 797 6609

Witton Lane Seeds
Choice fresh seed - includes bulbous, herbaceous, climber and alpines. 

Notably cyclamen, Lathyrus, Helleborus, Galanthus, Paeonia and Codonopsis.   Offering a wide selection and many rare and unusual.

For a catalogue contact:    Witton Lane Seeds, 16 Witton Lane, Little Plumstead, Norwich, Norfolk  NR13 5DL

or e-mail


Yuzawa Engei
Yuzawa Engei - Unusual and rare plants, seeds and alpines from

the fields and mountains of JAPAN.


Mail order all year round.

Visit the website


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