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Crocus thomasii

Flowering Time



S Italy; Serbia; Croatia (Adriatic Coastal Mountains)

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Stony slopes or in thin scrub.   Up to 1000m

Distinctive Features

Flower shades of lilac, pale yellow throat. Three red style branches up to half as long as the petals.   Corm tunic thin fibres, finely netted

Closest Relatives

Crocus hadriaticus

Crocus pallasii

Cultivation Requirements

Winter protection advised away from native climate. Warm dry summer rest


Specialist bulb suppliers

Distinct from Crocus pallasii through its yellow throat and from Crocus hadriaticus by its stronger lilac colouration and some leaf characteristics.

Crocus thomasii

Crocus thomasii

  • Corms and Tunics
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Stamens and Styles
  • Pollination and Seeds