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Crocus speciosus ilgazensis

Flowering Time



N Turkey

Native Climate

Cold winter with snow.   Warm drier summer

Wild Habitat

Alpine turf, stony slopes, woodland clearings. Over limestone

Distinctive Features

Flower lilac blue, short style usually six branched. Corm tunic membranous splitting into parallel fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus speciosus speciosus

Crocus speciosus xantholaimos

Cultivation Requirements

Tolerant of garden conditions given some sun and avoiding waterlogging



A variant from Ilgaz Dag which is sufficiently distinct from Crocus speciosus speciosus to warrant subspecific rank.   The principal difference is the very short and few branched style together with the shorter tube.

Crocus speciosus ilgazensis

Crocus speciosus ilgazensis

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  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Stamens and Styles
  • Pollination and Seeds