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Crocus Pages by Tony Goode
Species Crocus species

Crocus sieberi sieberi

Flowering Time




Native Climate

Dry Mediterranean

Wild Habitat

Stony hillsides and short grazed turf

Distinctive Features

Flower white with purple stain on exterior of outer petals, throat yellow.   Corm tunic finely netted fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus sieberi atticus

Crocus sieberi nivalis

Crocus sieberi sublimis

Cultivation Requirements

Winter protection best away from native climate. Warm dryish summer rest


Specialist bulb suppliers

Very distinct in flower from the other subspecies and also occupying a somewhat disjunct distribution.   The external markings are very variable, although almost always attractive.  

In cultivation this is a more difficult plant to maintain, requiring a drier summer rest.   This species has been hybridised in cultivation with subspecies atticus to produce cultivar 'Hubert Edelsten' which is a good garden plant.

This plant has very variable markings on the exterior of the outer petals.   Several forms are pictured below.  

Crocus sieberi sieberi

Crocus sieberi sieberi

Crocus sieberi sieberi

Crocus sieberi sieberi

Crocus sieberi sieberi

Crocus sieberi seed - actual size c1.5mm diameter

Crocus sieberi sieberi Form A

Crocus sieberi sieberi Form B

Crocus sieberi sieberi Form C