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Photogallery 1

Crocus  banaticus - large flowered form Crocus  banaticus - large flowered form

Crocus  cancellatus pamphyllicus - good blue flowe Crocus  cancellatus pamphyllicus - good blue flowered form

Crocus  goulimyi goulimyi and Crocus goulimyi leucanthus - side by side, size comparison

Crocus  hadriaticus lilac form Crocus  hadriaticus lilac form

Crocus  kotschyanus kotschyanus pale form Crocus  kotschyanus kotschyanus pale form

Crocus  kotschyanus kotschyanus large lilac flower Crocus  kotschyanus kotschyanus large lilac flowered form

Crocus  laevigatus Viewed from above/side Crocus  laevigatus - viewed from above/side

Crocus laevigatus Crocus laevigatus - viewed  from below to show petal markings.

Crocus  laevigatus and Crocus niveus Crocus  laevigatus and Crocus niveus - 'Little and Large!'

Crocus  mathewii - two seed raised forms Crocus  mathewii - two seed raised forms

Crocus  niveus - best bicoloured form Crocus  niveus - best bicoloured form

Crocus  oreocreticus - golden outer petals Crocus  oreocreticus - golden outer petals

Crocus  pallasii haussknechtii -  form 1 Crocus  pallasii haussknechtii - form 1

Crocus  pallasii haussknechtii - form 2 Crocus  pallasii haussknechtii - form 2

Crocus  pulchellus 'Zephyr' - Being pollinated by Crocus  pulchellus 'Zephyr' - Being pollinated by a hoverfly - or is it just eating the pollen

Crocus  speciosus - seed raised from wild forms Crocus  speciosus - seed raised from wild forms

Crocus  tournefortii Crocus  tournefortii - form with style very much more divided than is usual.

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