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Crocus pestalozzae

Flowering Time



NW Turkey

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Open places, grassy or stony

Distinctive Features

Flowers blue or white.   Corm tunic membranous with basal rings.   Cataphylls green.   Black stain at the base of each filament in throat of flower

Closest Relatives

Crocus biflorus complex

Cultivation Requirements

Cool moist winter.   Warm dryish summer.  


Specialist bulb suppliers and seed lists

Can be grown outside in UK gardens given good drainage and a sunny spot where the soil dries out in summer.   Rather small flowered for the open garden but a good candidate for a trough or raised bed.

Crocus pestalozzae

Crocus pestalozzae white form - note the black 'spots' in the throat of the flower, a distinctive feature of this species.

Crocus pestalozzae

Crocus pestalozzae

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